It seems that even if I try my hardest I’m never up to date with my photos or posting. I take so many pictures but only a handful ends up here on the blog. I forget, I’m always late and often I even hesitate if I should post them at all. I’m always comparing my photos, words and content to others first. Those great bloggers with beautiful photos of their homes, food, life, whatever. Moody or crispy. Scandinavian or bohemian. With such deep texts about life, love and avocado breakfasts. All of them are taking my focus off my own pretty, little life and are making me doubt. Doubt if I should post photos of our snotty kids on vacation in the snow two weeks after we got home. With not so moody or stylish pictures. Just us living life. And eating crap.

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

This has been my motto for quite some time now but it just seems like I can’t apply it to my blog. When I started blogging back in 2008 I never, ever thought about things like that. I posted as if it was my diary and that’s what always made me continue. I realize now when I look back, that I posted so many photos of Viggo as a baby and I’m so happy to be able to look back and read my thoughts or see what we did. Alva is getting ‘overshadowed’ of this stupid mindset to constantly compare. It has to change. So 2018 is the year that I will take over my blog again, without looking at what others do, think or make. Put away the doubts and just post my kids playing in the snow weeks later, because I want to, that’s what blogs are made for, right?

So here’s to document my days, make memories, capture childhood, what ever hashtag you could use to describe blogging about my family, my everyday and my ordinary extraordinary life!



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