Birthday breakfast

For Viggo’s birthday I decided to make waffles in the morning. I love waffles and I think it’s the easiest way to get maximum pleasure with no effort! So I got up before everyone else, prepared the batter and took out the jam. Of course (this is so me) I got the idea the night before, so that was the only thing we had. Jam. And some vanilla ice cream that I scraped from the bottom of an almost empty box that I found in the freezer. I sat the table and hoped the kids wouldn’t complain. Of course they did. “Where’s the nuteeella?”

This lady didn’t complain at all and was my biggest fan as always.

But the boys were pleased nevertheless and said “thank you, thank you!”

Trying to catch the lovely smelling steam but didn’t succeed that well. It’s like I never really have the time to take photos as I want them to be. Too many kids, too many things to do and too many bad light conditions always seems to be in my way. I want to learn how to photograph darker pictures this year. That might be my third resolution!

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