First week of the year

We spent new years eve in the Alps this year, like the past, with Mat’s parents and his brother and family. They have two girls in about Viggo and Gaétan’s ages and it’s so wonderful for them to be able to meet (they live in Switzerland) and play together. To see them running around the house and know that they are all cousins, blended or not, is just awesome! But let’s check out the first day when we came and discovered all the snow in the garden!

We came up to a true winter wonderland! A half meter snow everywhere, shining sun and a beautiful landscape. We put on the ski clothes on the kids as soon as we arrived and they went out to taste the snow.

Like literally taste the snow…

Could be good, could be bad.

Having so much fun.


Meanwhile Alva was on the doorstep checking out her brothers, we let her taste the snow too but a bit later. She loved it! But here she was just looking.
It makes me so happy to see her getting so happy to see me. My little love ball who’s almost always smiling ♥

Be still my heart.

Then it was time for lunch and once we had ate I passed these in the hallway and made me yell to the kids “let’s make a snowman!”

But we didn’t because we decided to do some sleigh riding instead. The weather forecast was snow, snow, snow for the whole week ahead so we hurried out to make a slope while the sun was still shining.

I showed them how it should be done. In style :)

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