Were we went on the 24th

I forgot to tell you where we went in the afternoon on the 24th! After we came out from the chapel and the Nativity scene we strolled around a bit in the village to find a place where to eat. Not easy in a tiny village in the French country side the day of Christmas. But we found one! With a terrace! It was about 10 degrees but the sun was shining so we decided to give it a try. We ordered Christmas beer and a coke and sat there in the sunshine to wait for food. So not Christmas you’d say but it felt so nice to get out a couple of hours before preparing dinner for three.


The owner had a thing for American cars, there was one in every corner.

Hey handsome!

My little sunshine!

The only thing was baby food. We didn’t quite think about that leaving home, I’m still breastfeeding Alva most of the time, she gets a meal for lunch but nothing we thought about. It was just impossible for me to pull out a boob in that freezing cold so we went for the emergency solution. An apple sauce squeezy for kids. Way too much sugar, not adapted at all for baby mouths but she was satisfied and didn’t complain at all so it was all ok! Then as I said before, we went home to make Christmas dinner, ate and opened presents.

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