Thursday things


This is a book I got for Alva for the first of advent, it’s a classic Swedish children’s Christmas song made in to a book and there’s a whole series of them. It reminds me so much of my childhood and when I saw it in a toy store in Stockholm I just had to get it! My mom got her two others that’s she’ll open next advents just for the fun crunch of the paper, but next Christmas we’ll be singing it together :)

Today I haven’t been doing much more than planning/buying Christmas presents online. We’ve decided to buy 3-4 things for the boys and one for Alva. No need for more. But I want those they get to be really what they wish for so I’ve been checking their wish lists, checking prices and hoping things are still in stock. For the hub it’s so much harder though, I had a plan that failed this morning when I realized it was like 3 times more expensive than I thought. So now I have to find another idea fast!

I got these plates and bib for the kids last week from Zara Home, it’s a winter theme for the boys but Alva got one plate and spoon as well. We put small pieces of bread and veggies on it and she is so happy to have her own spoon to imitate us with. It’s so fun to watch!

Alva is playing on the floor right next too me, she is such a happy and calm baby. She can play for hours (well, one at least) on the floor if you give her interesting things to chew on. Like right now, an empty box and a piece of paper. She likes that rolling bunny too.

I love to look down from my desk and see that downy little head ♥

In an hour we need to pick up Viggo at school so I’m going to prepare dinner first. It’s so nice to come back home and have it done once the rush of homework, bathing and over-excited/tired kids begins!


Alva a eu un cadeau de noël en avance et les garçons aussi! D’une boutique à Stockholm pour elle et de Zara Home pour eux. Sinon aujourd’hui j’ai passé la journée en ligne pour trouver des cadeaux pour les kids, 3-4 chacun et Alva une. Certains trouvent ça peu, certains beaucoup et nous tout à fait parfait. Maintenant je vais préparer le diner avant d’aller chercher Viggo à l’école puis c’est le rush du soir qui commence!

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