Cosy family time


I still have two batches of photos from Sweden. I find it very difficult to find the time to blog, I think I need to get up at 5 in the morning if I want something blogged. But let’s just take it from where we left!
When we came to my aunt’s place, uncle Sune had lit a the fire place so we warmed up a bit in front of it first. Since it had rained all morning and we were outside most of it, it was so cosy to sit in front of the crackling fire and do some hygge.


Alva got to sit about three minutes quietly by herself…


…before this one showered her with (brutal) hugs and kisses. Hello happiness! ♥


The brothers got some much appreciated Lego to figure out so we got a moment of calm.


We discovered things on the floor.


Funny things only babies can understand.


Love ball!


We also forced cousins to be photographed :D

I would’ve loved to show you more from inside, both from Lena’s house and my moms but sometimes you just live the moment (especially with 3 kids) that the camera is just left in its bag. But I’m glad I used it as much as I did anyway.


Let’s finish off with the mandatory group photo we’ve been forcing family members to do, so funny and memory making for sure!


J’ai encore deux posts de la Suède à blogger. En ce moment j’ai du mal à trouver le temps pour m’asseoir derriere l’ordi. Faudrait que je me leve à 5h chaque matin. J’ai pas déjà dit ca? :D En tout cas, voilà quelques moments calmes avec Alva, le feu de cheminée chez ma tante et une cousine forcé à être photographié :D

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