In Trollskogen


I’ll just continue from where we left yesterday. When we had passed the bay side and the leaf forest, we went straight into the “real” tree forest, where the trolls lives. This is my belief since childhood and I love to pass it on to my own kids. Deep underneath all the moss and the curious looking rocks there might be trolls living! Maybe we’re actually walking on them!


The kids were fascinated by the softness of the moss.


One must run and roll wild upon it!


Strange creatures behind the trees…


…and ancient moss on them.


Out of the forest and back in the neighborhood.


We passed by dream houses. This is seriously what I’d want if we lived in Sweden. An old soul with plenty of things who needs love.


Trying to look normal. Not happening.


Back home.


Being silly. So silly the camera wont focus. LOL


Then it started to get dark and it was time for dinner. The boys stayed out a bit in the garden and played football and I went in to see what was going on in the kitchen.


Hello from the dinner table! It was such a perfect day and I feel so grateful to be able to spend time with my family and bring my own little tribe!


Nous sommes allés dans la “foret de troll” derriere chez ma tante et les enfants se sont régales. Puis on s’est baladé un peu dans le quartier pour rêver des maisons suédoises. Et hop, le soir arrive vite en Suede en novembre et à 16h il faisait nuit. Les garçons sont restés dehors pour jouer au foot un peu et puis on est passés à table. Je suis vraiment reconnaissante du temps passé avec ma famille et que je puisse amener ma petite tribu à moi!

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