At aunt Lena’s house


My aunt Lena and uncle Sune has the most lovely Swedish house you can imagine and I just couldn’t wait to show it to the kids! They live in a bay near Stockholm with water, forest and open space right next to them. Perfect if you ask me.


I’ve already shown you here in the blog but this time around the kids were with us and it felt amazing!


First we went down to the water so the boys could “run” a bit more, remember we went to a park first so they could go crazy a bit? Well, they seem tireless! So down to the water we went and then in to the real “troll forest” as I call it. Come along for a photo galore!


Oh how I love autumn!


Moster Lena!


There was the beaver hut, the boys were fascinated about how they work!


Crunchy leafs ♥


My mom throwing leafs at Viggo, he laughed so much!


And Gaétan got his shower too, of course :)


My cousin Maria and Viggo discovered secret things ♥




And Alva slept through the whole walk, as usual. She loves the Swedish, crisp air!


Love ball!

I think I’ll stop here for today, I have so many photos, so many moments to share but so little time!


Quelques (!) photos de chez ma tante quand on a visité la foret autour de chez eux. Ils habitent dans un petit baie et avec l’eau, la foret et les espaces autour c’est un endroit magique! Tout comme leur maison! On a passé une super journée et la suite des photos coming soon! :)

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