Halloween at Gröna Lund


The day before going home we had such a luck to be spending the night at Stockholm’s amusement park Gröna Lund! They opens only for one week in the fall (I think?) just for Halloween. I said no way to Mathieu, thinking about the crowd, the cold and the kids. But he insisted and I’m so happy he did! We spent a super fun – and scary – night and I think the kids had a blast! We even got to ride the old Octopus ride that has been there since for ever and that I used to love when I was a child. It was so fun to go with Viggo and he loved to do it with his mama, just him and me! We had so much fun I forgot to take a picture but that just means we lived the moment ♥


They really went crazy on the decoration.


Nyckelpigan – a classic that also was one of my faves as a kid.




The blue train, we wanted to go but then decided it was too scary ♥
Big brother went with papou tho held his hands for his eyes so we think we could have skipped it completely. Lucky he wasn’t traumatized :)

Cotton candy and funny games (with gain each time, yaj!)

They finished off with the “free fall” for kids and I really think they were so brave, especially Viggo who’s normally afraid of heights!


Family pic!


On a eu la chance de pouvoir visiter le “tivoli” de Stockholm, Gröna Lund, où ils ont mis le paquet pour Halloween! Les enfants se sont régalés et nous aussi!

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