We had fun at Skansen


On our first day in Sweden we decided to go to Skansen. It’s what you can call Stockholm’s zoo but it’s so much more than that. Of course they have all the Nordic animals in great, spacious areas, an aquarium, plenty of play areas for the kids but it’s also an open air museum with a collections of historic structures from all over Sweden and last but not least a full replica of an average 19th-century town, in which craftsmen in traditional dress such as tanners, shoemakers, silversmiths, bakers and glass-blowers demonstrate their skills in period surroundings. That last part is Wiki, not me :)


If you go to Stockholm you must visit. With or without kids! We didn’t have the time to visit the town though but since we will be back plenty of times it didn’t care at all!


As we went there one week before the fall break in Sweden and on a Monday we were almost alone in all Skansen! It was amazing! 300,000 m² for us to play on, you can imagine that we didn’t have the time to visit all.


We met Santa’s reindeers!


And froze, it was real fall temperatures in Stockholm but we love that!


 My joy ♥


The kids climbed trees…


…and played music.


Rose hip, this is a childhood memory for me, we had rose hip soup for snacks in winter and it’s still a classic.


Pretty farm houses.


With accompanying cows.


And super happy kids! Viggo and Gaétan ran like crazies from one thing to another while Alva was a happy baby just looking quietly at things from her stroller. She made a super nap for like 3 hours outside in the chilly weather so her brothers could get our fully attention, such a perfect baby ;)



On a passé le premier jour en Suède à Skansen, un musée plein air & zoo qu’il faut absolument visiter si vous allez à Stockholm! Avec ou sans enfants, c’est juste génial! Les enfants se sont régalés, y avait pas un chat ce lundi une semaine avant les vacances suédois et nous aussi!

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