Back from Sweden


We’re back home from our week in Sweden with my family and it was just wonderful! We managed to fly with three kids without a single fuzz, the boys were so brave, especially Viggo who at first didn’t even want to get on the plane and Alva didn’t cry ones on the whole flight. She breastfed and was happy. The boys had their coloring books and tablets and the whole shebang with 8 bags, stroller and stuff went so well. We picked up the rental car and drove to my mom’s place. 5 hours door to door, incredible!


First day we just went to the lake nearby and the forest around my mom’s place and the kids went wild, Sweden is really a country for the kids, there are playgrounds in exactly every corner! Since I left Sweden for over ten years ago and didn’t have kids at that time, I’d forgotten a bit about all the sand boxes and swings everywhere. Let’s have a look at our first day!




Heather is such an autumn flower for me.


Lake view.


And ducks of course.


Family pics were taken.


Then we went in to the forest and built a hut.


 Looked at things.





Notre premier voyage en Suede tous les cinq! Le vol s’est trop bien passé avec les garçons qui faisaient de coloriage ou jouaient sur les tablettes et Alva qui a allaité puis dormi tout le long! Et c’était vraiment merveilleux, j’adore mon pays adoptif mais la Suede reste mon pays préféré quand meme, c’est comme ça.
Voilà quelques photos du premier jour dans la foret autour de chez ma mère!

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