Alva 4 and 5 months


Oh boy. Yesterday Alva “turned” 6 months old. And I realized I haven’t done her 4 or 5 monthly post. So I completely abandoned the idea of doing the whole feed/sleep/awake thing and just write down what I remember now about these two past months. Sorry for that my baby girl!

Processed with VSCO with s6 preset

So this post is just going to be an explosion of Alva photos and some of things I quickly wrote on my phone as a list.

DSC_5825 DSC_5823

  • She want to taste absolutely everything. All that comes in her way is, according to herself, supposed to be put in her mouth. This has also become an entertainment when we eat, at the dinner table she opens her mouth when one of us does it. She is so ready to be starting little portions!
  • She laughs more and more and it’s a real laugh now. If we do peekaboo, if she wrecks a tower of blocks or just thinks one of her brothers did something funny, she burst in to this pure, true laughter that only a baby can have.
  • She loves to be kissed behind the ears.
  • Her feet are in her mouth non stop, even with socks or slippers on.
  • She’s starting something that looks like a craw, she drags herself over the floor.
  • She got her playpen and is so happy about it.
  • She naps about two times a day for 1-2 hours and she goes to sleep around 20h and then wake up 3-4 (!) a night. We are co sleeping but Mathieu often end up sleeping in another room or on the couch to get his 8 hours.
  • She can’t go to sleep by herself, only by rocking or feeding. She can’t go back to sleep by herself neither, hence the co sleeping.
  • She’s starting to react if I yell at the boys or tells her no, she’s got her underlip trembling and then starts to cry. It’s so effing adorable!
  • She smiles to almost everybody and every time I get back to her if I went somewhere in the house, when she wakes up from a nap, when dad gets back home from work, when she sees Viggo or Gaétan – she smiles and waves with her arms and legs and is just so happy to see you!


Here’s a bunch for the memories!

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