Packing for five


Today is grey and rainy so we are staying in and it’s perfect since I have so much packing to do. We’re leaving for Sweden on Saturday and since it’s our “off week” for the boys I’ve done all their laundry and I ca just begin fill the suitcases. It’s such an organization with three kids though and since my mom told me it’s going to rain almost the whole week I’m packing as smart as I can. But I’m so excited! I’m bringing all my kids to see my family in Sweden for the first time! It’s just such an awesome feeling!


I’m shouting “where going to Sweden” to Alva in her playpen now and then and she smiles and I’m sure she understands everything I say. By the way, I ordered this winter overall to her and I hope it will fit:


I think I will pack as I did a capsule wardrobe, simple and as light as possible but still warm and comfy. Sounds easy but I think I will be somewhat overwhelmed in a couple of hours from now :D


Cutie pie!


Aujourd’hui il fait gris et c’est parfait pour commencer faire les valises pour la Suede! On part samedi prochain et je suis tellement excitée pour ce voyage, je vais amener tous mes enfants voir ma famille pour la premiere fois! J’ai beaucoup de bagage à préparer et vu qu’il va pleuvoir presque toute la semaine j’essaye de le faire intelligemment et aussi léger que possible. Mais c’est plus facile à dire qu’à faire, donc on verra d’ici quelques heures si je suis pas en train de devenir folle! Mais Alva va m’aider j’en suis sure et de voir sa bouille heureuse m’aide beaucoup! :)



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