Autumn picks for Alva


Hi friends, was the weekend good? Ours was filled with tennis matchs, cleaning, preparing for our trip to Sweden and lots and lots of putting away grown out baby clothes and sort them for flea market days. We also made a trip to town where I quickly ran in to Zara and H&M for some warmer stuff for Alva. I also ordered some stuff online for her and the boys, we are so not equipped for cold, Swedish weather!
When I was organizing the flea market stuff, I opened up a box from when Viggo was newborn, I had already used plenty of stuff from his first months and now it was time to open box number two. The black, striped and patterned body suits above were his plus the grey socks and stockings. Perfect for little sister!


But this chunky little cardigan is new from Zara, it’s adorable and so warm. I love the little pompon detail and the knitted pattern and Alva looks so effing cute in it.


I found some mustard ribbon in another box too, it’s like a tresor hunt going through old stuff I completely forgot about. That little bunny is from Alva’s grandma, for her collection.


This is “vintage”, from Littlephant when Viggo was tiny, tiny.


This is new too, love H&M’s organic cotton collection and the details.


New and old.


Bunny love.


Ce weekend on a rangé tous les affaires qu’on va vendre aux puces et j’ai retrouvé encore plein de habits de Viggo bébé qui vont parfaitement à Alva. Comme le body noir, rayé et avec le motif cirque ou encore le collant gris et les petites chaussettes tricoté! On a aussi fait un petit tour en ville où j’ai pris ce petit gilet rose pour Alva chez Zara que j’adore vraiment, leur rayon bébé est si joli! J’ai aussi pris quelques habits chauds pour les boys, on se prepare pour le voyage en Suède nous!  

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