Planning and recycle baby wear


Planning, thinking and drawing patterns. This was all we did (almost) during my mom’s visit. I’m so thrilled to be back in the creative stage and it feels like I can make it. Be on parental leave, give Alva all the focus and presence she needs but also doing what I love and be a #mompreneur!


Alva is quietly playing in her tipi. Those moccasins were Viggo’s and I’m so happy I kept plenty of his stuff for Alva. Viggo was quite an unisex dressed baby and it’s so cool to reuse. The leggings are hers, even though I bought something similar for him (which I recall got plenty of stupid comments about boys should be dressed as boys etc) but soon she can wear some of Viggo’s pants.



I forgot to post this one yesterday, it’s the thrifted book my mom found but also one that she bought new, I loved it when I was a kid! It’s called “Someone” and is such a lovely little story about following the red yarn all over the house to find someone.


Making a mess while brainstorming with my mom before dinner.


Quand on a brainstormé avec ma mère on a créé un sacré bazar mais c’est ce qu’il faut! Je suis tellement ravie de revenir dans la phase créative et je pense que je peux le faire. Etre en congé parental, donner à Alva tout l’attention et presence dont elle a besoin et en meme temps être une #mompreneur!
Alva porte les moccasins de Viggo et je suis si contente que j’ai gardé tout les affaires unisexe de Viggo. J’ai aussi oublié de montrer les deux livres que ma mère a apporté, un vrai classique suédois qui s’appelle “Quelqu’un”. 

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