Morning coffee, moccasins and books


Every morning, Alva loves to be with me when I make my morning coffee. She points at the mugs, stare at the machine and gurgles something when I poor up the milk. I think she will be the same coffee lover as her big brother! She observes me closely when I drink the hot beverage and seem to reflect over the fact that I actually put something into my mouth. This goes for all food and I think this little lady is ready for some carrot purée! When we’ll be back from Sweden (yaj, we’re going!) I think we’ll start feeding her some and maybe even a bottle in the evening. I’m still breastfeeding and I don’t want to stop at all, but I’m ok with slowly starting the introduction!


Other than that, my mom was here for three short days and we brainstormed so much, talked, talked and talked and even had the time to try out some sewing. All in the preparation of a new adventure for the future.
Also, we’ve been sick for a month now. It’s like it’s bouncing on and off us and when I finally thought it was over for my part, I felt something tickling in my throat this morning… Alva, poor thing, has had a runny nose and cough since my dad was here.


My mom also came with some treasures, like this little thrifted book. I’ll be reading to Alva in Swedish only and we already have some books from Viggo but my mom now has a mission – to find classics like this on flea markets!


I bought these cuties for her to keep her feet warm. I sized up too much tho, so I’m thinking getting another pair (and another model) for her to wear now. Can’t decide tho whether it’s a waste or not. She grows so fast! I got the moccasins here.


She wants that mug!


Alva me suis de près quand je fais mon café du matin et je pense qu’elle est prête pour la purée. J’allaite encore mais quand on revient de Suede (oui, on y va!) on va commencer lui donner quelques cuillères de bon manger. Et peut-être un bib le soir aussi, on verra!
Sinon ma mère nous a rendu visite pendant trois jours et on a parlé, parlé, parlé et fait des grands plan pour le futur. Trop bien. Alva a aussi eu une paire de moccasins et un livre Suédois déniché aux puces!

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