Hi friends, it’s Thursday and we are sick… again. So lots of tea and garlic for me today while I’m preparing for my mom coming here on Saturday! We have some plans for the future and she’s actually coming down for just a couple of days so we can brain storm together. And see the kids of course! I hope I won’t get sicker than already though, I need my brain to be creative!

While I’m waiting for my lemon tea to get ready and Alva is napping, I thought I’d post a recap of the last few days, I like to do now and then to document our days.


Documenting this cute face as much as possible. With mama, with papa.


I did a Haul at Kiko’s and got a lot of stuff. Their gel nail polish is so awesome I ordered 3 more colors! I also got myself a new hair color, it’s in two steps tho so I have to wait until next appointment to get the result I want.


It’s getting darker for every morning while I snapshoot more and less willing kids.


I’m adding bits and pieces to the nursery and Viggo had his first judo practice, he thought it was so fun when the coach chose him!


We discovered some kind of rose hip (?) on one of our walks and my big kid is just amazeballs when it comes to his little sister. Viggo ♥ Alva


Notre semaine en images, déco dans la chambre bébé, selfies avec Alva, rdv chez coiffeur et achats massive chez Kiko, entrainement judo et balades en foret… Que Viggo ADORE Alva est le moins qu’on puisse dire!


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