Tuesday things


On the way to get Alva vaccinated I just had to stop to take a pic of the moody sea and the oyster farm. The fog was so thick and drizzling a bit. I could feel autumn in the air.


Normally you can see the city of Sete on its hill from here. Today it’s all white.


Here is Alva right after getting her shots. She didn’t cry at all at the doctors but got mad going to the car.  The fog brought moist to the air and her dress was all sticky.


Once back home I put her down for a nap and she slept for two hours. She had a new “milestone” moment when she turned over and slept on her tummy for the first time. Well, a bit torn but still, look!


Now I’m going to start packing for our move back home. And I got a rdv at the hair dresser tonight, gonna cut my post preggo mane! :)


Aujourd’hui il y avait du brouillard sur la mer quand on est parti chez le docteur pour la vaccination d’Alva. Elle a pas pleuré pour les piqûres mais parce qu’il faisait super lourd et sa robe collait. Puis elle s’est retourné pour dormir sur le ventre pour la premiere fois!

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