Trying out bullet journaling


I bought a Leuchtturm (yes that’s the name) journal a while ago. It’s THE notebook you should get according to the “addicted” bullet journal users. So I did. I’ve been looking at some youtubers to get some inspiration and after trying out three different ways of designing the spreads I have now finally found what I like. Oh, and sorry, if you have no idea what a bullet journal is, check out these videos, they will explain it all.

The original  • The clean • The artsy • (the last one is clearly me doing copy paste but she left me a sweet comment on insta saying it’s alright. LOL the 38 yo fan/stalker)

So, this might be something that I will show now and then, my new little hobby that also helps me get a bit organized… at least that’s what I tell myself!


J’ai trouvé un nouveau hobby, le bullet journal. Un petit cahier qu’on rempli avec ce qu’on veut et puis decor si on a envie. Que j’ai et que je fais. Si vous voulez savoir ce que c’est, regardez les videos en haut! 

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