Clumsy morning


This morning I somehow broke my brand new mouse, spilled coffee on the ironing table, burned a blouse I was ironing on that same table and dropped (!) the iron itself! What the f I say?!

I must have slept 3 hours all together in between Alva’s waking ups. I’m so tired.  But how rough and awful a night can ever be, her face and smile always makes me forget it in a second. I read an article this morning that makes me think I might have been rushing a bit too fast to pick her up and that she is now uncomfortable being alone in her bed. I hope the fact that moving back home next week will help us come back on track and find new routines…


She is now reaching and grabbing all things that comes in her way and I spent the morning watching her and taking pics for her baby album. Here’s a few:







J’ai cassé ma souri d’ordi, renversé du café sur la table à repasser, brûlé un haut que je repassais et fait tombé le fer. Matin de m*rde on peut dire. Parce que je suis vraiment fatiguée. J’ai du dormir 3 heures cette nuit à cause de cette petite Lala mais bon, quand je vois sa bouille j’oublie tout en un clin d’œil…

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