Keyboards & dark spots corrector


Good morning! I’ve been up way too long already, Alva is in some effing don’t want to sleep at all-phase and it’s so hard! She wakes up every two hours all night. Don’t know what to do… But, never mind my mama problems right now cus I got two things to share today! First, and it’s geeky I know, but Mathieu got me this new white, wireless keyboard and mouse and it’s so pretty and easy to use. Looks so good on my desk! :) He got it for me mostly because I use to sit on the couch breastfeeding, watching Netflix and complain about not being able to search for stuff ;) Thanks honey!

And see that bottle from Peter Thomas Roth next to the screen? That’s the second one I want to share! It’s a skin brightening corrector for dark spots and discolorations due to pregnancy, aging or sun exposure. The three things I can identify with. I saw it on a Swedish blog and she said it does wonder for her so I’m gonna give it a try. I got some pretty big spots with Alva and some strange lines above the lips with Viggo so I’ve been looking for THE solution for a while even if I never bought something before. I wanted to save my money and invest in something with the highest possibility to work, these things aren’t cheap you guys!

This is a close, close, close up LOL of my cheek, I don’t have any foundation on but some bronzer so look, this is my “before pic”:

Wait for it…



They say you see a difference in 2 weeks but I’ll give it a month before giving my opinion. I’m gonna do a real ‘before’ pic also, completely nude to be sure about the difference. I mean, that I hope will be. I also got a brightening mask for my birthday that I will use more regularly to speed up if possible. Have you got spots like this? What do you use to lighten them up?


J’ai pas eu le masque de grossesse mais des taches et lignes bizarre à la place. Je vais essayer le De-Spot de Peter Thomas Roth que j’ai vu dans un blog suédois. J’ai aussi eu un nouveau clavier sans fil de Mathieu pour que je puisse Netflixer depuis le canapé via la télé quand j’allaite! Merci chéri :)

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