Alva’s first bonnet!


Have you seen those pretty bonnets and sunhats on instagram lately? Me too and I love them! So much that I bought a pattern and tried out one myself. I’m pleased with the result even though I need some practice :)


Doing what she does all day, looking at her hands.


And she has already that ‘watcha bothering me for’ – look in her eyes, the same Viggo has after years with paparazzi mama. LOL


And there he is! Viggo! Almost sure he’s trying to convince her that the ‘faster you’re cooperative, the quicker she will leave us alone!’




Je vois des jolis chapeaux de bébé partout sur instagram alors j’ai voulu essayer en faire un moi-même! Voilà le résultat meme s’il faut encore que je m’entraîne un peu, j’en suis contente! 

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