Florals and stripes capsule


Ok, we are back on track and I can’t wait until school starts and we move home again. I love it here and having a pool and huge garden is great but when September comes I want to get back to our routine (or A routine at least *caugh*) and clean and organize a bit. Alva is growing crazy, a month ago she was already 61,5 cm and now she must be around 64 and I need to sort her clothes and see what she needs. That reminds me of the urge to take her to the doctors this week, time for her 4 months check up!

So, with her growing she needs bigger clothes. Time for capsuling!
To make a capsule wardrobe it’s important to know how all clothes will match together. It’s kind of the ground stone. Then you can go on and mix forever. I use to copy paste what I like into Photoshop and then do a collage to get an overlook, I’m a sucker for collages and a PS nerd so it’s an ok task. I thought it could be fun to share this month’s with you, to show how I work. Some stuff are already bought and some I will try to find equals on either on etsy or second hand. What do you think? Cute or super cute? ;)
I might add that here in the south of France it’s still warm and she might just need a lighter jacket for early mornings and school drop offs. These outfits will last, I hope, until at least end of October and the budget is about 200€.


La garde-robe capsule d’Alva pour la rentrée. J’utilise Photoshop pour faire des collages pour mieux voir et je pensais partager avec vous ces jolies tenues. Qu’en pensez-vous ?

Dresses from Zara, leggings and bodysuit from Lindex, bonnets from Briar Handmade, leather shoes from Handmade Boho Market/Etsy and sneakers Zara.

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