Tree climbing & forest picnic


When the cousins had left we decided to go tree climbing again with the boys since they really, really like it. We don’t mind doing the same thing several times if that’s what they want. Better spend your vacation budget on their fave things than trying to be versatile with complaints as thanks.


Ready to climb!


The most handsome papa with a love ball in the babybjörn ♥


She slept through the most action in there, warm, cosy and safe.

Some were more happy about something than others… Being 5 and a half is not easy sometimes.


Alva flying high in my arms, love this one with her brothers in the back.


We also decided to stop and picnic by a lake, a tiny salty forest lake with only us as visitors. I breastfed Alva in the shade of a tree and felt the sun tickle me through the branches. I could have sat there forever.



Viggo couldn’t stay away from Alva, as always. He showers her with kisses but can sometimes get a bit rough, but boy he loves her ♥


Lala the love ball!



On a décidé de refaire de l’accrobranche, vu que les garçons aiment vraiment ça.
Alva a adoré passé le temps sur le ventre de papa et voler avec mama! Puis on s’est arrêté à un lac de foret, que nous et le calme.

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