Changing name!


I’ve been thinking for a while of the name of this blog, Viggo + Mama. I came up with the name a couple of years ago when I wanted to start fresh (I had a blogspot since 2008) and voilà viggosmama was born! I also registered myself on insta, facebook and all over social media with the same name. And it was perfect. Until now.
I’m no longer only Viggo’s mama, I’m also Alva’s mama and bonus mom to Gaétan, my fiancé’s son. I now have 3 children of different tribes and it’s time to change. To renew yet again. And what is more suiting than The Blended Tribe? A blog about a mama her modern, blended family with three kids with different roots, who became a wonderful tribe.
It’s of course with a tiny pinch of nostalgia I say good bye to Viggo + Mama, it’s been a lovely journey but my life is about my tribe so…
Welcome to the my blog – same mama, several kids and a new name!



Ca fait un moment que j’y songe et voilà, le moment est venu. Je change le nom de blog. Je ne suis plus que la mama de Viggo mais aussi Alva, puis belle-mère (naze, le mot) à Gaétan et avec Mathieu nous avons créé notre petit tribu avec racines diverses.
Bienvenus à The Blended Tribe, un blog d’une mama dans une famille recomposée et tout ce qui va autour!

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