Lazy summer days


This is a standard cliché but so true right now. We do nothing else than bathing, playing and shading (aka sitting in the sun doing something) and still I find no time to blog. Until now! Maybe because I’m not allowed to swim anymore since I caught an effing ear infection and have to sit here and watch the rest of my tribe having fun in the pool…


This is what we have been doing lately:


Discovering new things in the shade during tummy time. Ans speaking of tummy time, she turns over all by herself now! She’s so surprised every time!


Drinking much coffee, my best moment is all alone by the pool before the rest of the tribe wakes up.



Reaching for things.


We had a giant thunderstorm that lasted all night. These were forgotten outside and hasn’t quite been themselves since.


Doing boys stuff and ignoring little sister.


Spending a lot of time preparing meals and in this house it’s like time stopped a bit… look at those tiles! :)


And some were cuter than the others.

Tomorrow we’re off to the Alps to spend some days with family, we look forward to the fresh mountain air and to see the cousins! This is going to be our first trip as five and there’s a bit too much to think of in terms of packing. And you should see the car! OMG, 3 kids in the back with each one their special car seat…


Voilà ce qu’on a fait ces derniers jours, pas grand choses. Demain par contre on part dans les Alpes pour voir de la famille et c’est notre premier voyage à cinq. Je vous dis pas comment la voiture est rempli, 3 gosses derriere avec chacun son siege auto et 5 heures de route. Ca promet! :)

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