Why I minimize


My previous post might be a bit confusing, I talk about buying when in fact I try to buy less and minimize more so I want to explain myself.

In fact it’s more about me preferring to spend money on durable things than clothes and other consumables. And not buying more than you actually need. For all aspects of the matter. We will also be on a constrained budget for the next 2 years since we have decided I will be on maternity leave and that helps/makes me take this decision. That it’s good for the planet and the future for our kids is just so obvious that I won’t even mention it further.

But, to buy less clothes for exemple, it means that you need to get quality stuff right? So they will last longer? Well, I don’t agree completely. Buying quality means higher budget and for Alva I’m not doing it. Yet. Once she will keep things for more than a couple of months I will. But for now I like to still keep it simple in quantity but rather buy pieces in lower budget stores or second hand. I prefer to spend on things that we will keep for a long time instead.



Je voulais juste expliquer pourquoi un jour je blog sur comment dépenser moins et l’autre jour sur du shopping pour la poussette. C’est tout simplement parce que je préfère acheter du durable que du consommable comme des habits. Surtout pour les enfants qui grandissent. Et parce que notre budget va être serré pendant deux ans vu que je vais être en congé parental. Et pour la planète et le futur de nos enfants bien évidemment. 

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