The unexpected gift


This year I got the most unexpected gift from my man. And the most wanted one.

I have been sighing every time I’ve seen an iPhone 7 commercial on TV for like a year now, while boring Mathieu with how amazing and crazy expensive it is. Because it’s really insane when you think about the price. For us, a 30K something household, it’s kinda cray-cray to put that much money into a phone and especially since we don’t pay off multiple times with any subscription. It’s almost like ‘pay the rent or buy a phone’…
Now of course I was satisfied with the phone I had but that new camera on the iPhone has been in my sweetest dreams for a very long time :) The quality, the light, the everything.
So on my birthday a month ago, I seriously didn’t had a single thought it could be my present. Not a single one. Mathieu gave me what looked like a shoe box with some writings on, he had decorated the box himself and it said ‘fill in the list of your most wanted’. Ok, cute, I thought and filled in something like a calligraphy pen, a handmade teddy bear and a moon necklace…

So when I opened the box and realized what I got, I looked up at Mathieu and started to cry. Like a baby. Because it made me so happy. Not for the phone itself but for the thought, value and effort behind a gift like that. I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a material girl, but he knows how to make me happy. Spending that much on something he knows I truly want – #besthubever Thank you so much! ♥


J’ai eu un l’iPhone 7 pour mon anniversaire, le cadeaux si voulu depuis plus d’un an mais que je ne m’y attendait pas du tout d’avoir vu que nous gagnons pas des masses et que ce n’était pas un priorité.
Je l’aime si fort. Mon chéri je veux dire, pas l’iPhone… :)

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