Simplify more


In my strive to have a more simplified life, not spend too much and minimize our waste, I told you I’ve decided to make a capsule wardrobe for Alva. I’ve already made it for the boys, and it works so well, they have one outfit per day of the week + some extras. Now of course I realize that is much easier to create a capsule for older kids, in terms of need mostly but also because you already passed the “omg it’s so cute”-phase. Because OMG the gazillion pretty things you want to buy for your baby! But I try hard to hold myself back and only buy what I really like. It’s also difficult if you are a first time mom, to know what your baby might need.

But, and I insist on this one, you don’t need as much as you think. 

Alva has 4 rompers, 2 dresses, 2 playsuits, 2 short sleeved bodysuits, 3 long sleeved, 4 little bloomers + 1 knitted vest. No more, no less. Oh, I forgot, she’s got a few pairs of socks, two tiny pairs of sandals and some sunhats too. But this is it and we don’t need anything else.

For baby’s first year you change size about every two months, so in September I will get her some new stuff and then just add some tights and knitted wear to adapt to colder weather. Now in the summer it’s not that important to match the entire wardrobe like a real capsule one, but for the autumn I will try to mix and match everything. Then you need even less. I’m like a broken record here but I’d prefer to wash and donate worn out things then having to give away almost new stuff.


My fave one!


Dans ma démarche d’une vie plus simplifiée, moins coûteuse et avec moins de gâchis, je fais des garde-robes capsule pour mes enfants et moi. Pour les garçons c’est facile, on sait ce dont ils ont besoin et la période “tout est trop mignon” est passé. Pour Alva je dois me retenir, j’essaie d’acheter que ce qui me plait vraiment et que je sais je vais lui mettre plusieurs fois. Mon objectif est d’avoir une quinzaine d’habits et le mixer ensemble à l’infini.

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