Last day at home for summer


I thought I would share the last pics at home before our move to our “summer house” this weekend. We packed our bags and tried to minimize the amount of things to bring because we always end up wearing just one short or dress anyways.


I put our lounger out for sale, Alva does not like it at all. I turn it on without music, just the rocking function and put her down. She screams. I pick her up. She stops screaming. I put her down. She screams. Repeat. Bye bye lounger.


I gathered some samples in a basket in my workshop for my shop. I have so many ideas, fabric and new stuff going on. Taking it all up at the end of the summer.


Viggo found the amazing, handmade memory game game that my aunt made for him when he was born. Now at 5 he really enjoy it!



My happy heart!


Me and my man bun LOL Every year I do the same thing, promise myself to be in front more often and then it just doesn’t happen, why is that?

Voilà, now we’re off, let the summer vacations begin!


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