Limiting baby’s closet


How much baby clothes do you really need? That’s the question I asked myself yesterday going through Alva’s stuff and thinking that I’d love to have a capsule wardrobe like hers. One outfit a day for the week. Don’t need more, don’t need less. When babies grow so fast like they do for the first year, I think it’s rather pointless to get a lot of stuff to wear just once or twice. We got a lot of pyjamas and such for her birth and I yesterday I found some we’d never put on – what a waste!
Of course I get tempted to get her lots of prettiness but each time I manage to stop myself and say, when the clothes we have are too small, then you can. But still going for capsule wardrobe with pieces that go together. During the summer it’s really easy, just 7 dresses or rompers and we are good. If your baby is born during the cold season you have to have more of course, I remember Viggo puking on two outfits a day, but Alva is kind not to and sometimes spend the entire day in diaper!


Je trouve qu’il suffit avec peu d’habits pour bébé, ils grandissent si vite et je trouve encore des bodies qu’elle n’a jamais mis. J’y vais pour des tenues capsule, tout qui va avec tout, pour limiter les achats et le gâchis. 

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