July perfects


It’s summer at its best and we are moving to our “summer house” tomorrow! Every year Mathieu’s parents leave for their house in the Alps for two months and we get to live their. That means long days at the pool, the kids staying up late playing in the garden and plenty of apéros in the summer nights…

And here are my July perfects, a pretty table, dresses and things to eat!


This little dress in a Liberty print from Bloom is just adorable. It would fit Alva perfectly. Too bad it’s not on summer sale because it’s quite pricey. Like really, really pricey.


I’ve wanted to try these for a while, solid shampoo bars. I’ve been using up all the chemical stuff we’ve had in the shower and now it’s time to try! They are handmade, vegetarian and ethically bought. With naked packaging! All good for me and for the planet. I’m gonna go for the “Honey, I washed my hair” just because I’m a sucker for funny names.



Such a pretty dress! I’ve been getting these annoying pop ups whenever I’m on facebook from Shein. I’ve been against this kind of websites since forever but thought I’d give it a try and I ordered the dress above and some others. I know it’s bad, I know I will be disappointed and I know it’s really not an encouraging thing to do, to support this kind of commerce. But I just had to try once. #dontjugeme #ordo


July means that we spend almost all our time outside and we eat either BBQ or like above. Picnic for lunch and dinner and everybody picks what they like. Ah, summer! :) And for me summer is also a very traditional Swedish strawberry cake. Maybe because I’m born in June and my parents always made me one.


Flower on table image source + Food pic source


Ca y est, c’est l’été! On part vivre dans la maison de mes beaux-parents aujourd’hui, ils sont partis dans les alpes, qui veut dire piscine, jardin et apéro pendant 2 mois! J’ai choisi quelques favoris pour juillet, robes, shampoing solide et des choses à manger!

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