Head high!


OMG look at this one! She is so strong and she hold her head like this for at least a minute! This is the first time she’s been on her tummy for a long time and happy about it, normally she cries so hard. I talked about it on my insta yesterday and it made me realize that if I just listen to my mom instinct and let her do it as she wants, she will feel it and be happy. It’s really difficult though, to know what’s good for your baby. If you read this article you say ‘no thanks’ to tummy time but then you read this one and say ‘yikes, got to’. Hmm. And I don’t remember having an issue with Viggo about this, but boy how much you forget in 5 years!

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

You can’t see it here, but she is screaming her lungs out.


Difficile à savoir si on doit ou pas, mettre bébé sur le ventre. Certains disent “non, faut juste suivre son instinct et l’envie de bébé” et d’autres disent “oh oui, faut vraiment parce que si non bébé peut avoir des retards de développement (!)… Donc avec Alva, qui n’aime pas trop, je fais les deux. Genre.

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