A perfect day


Mathieu was chosen to be the godfather for his best friend’s daughter Nina so we were all invited to her baptism yesterday. We spent all day in a beautiful garden in between the vineyards and the sea with food, drinks and friends!


But first church, that chapter was short, about 30 minutes and the kids were baptized.


Mathieu recited some phrases. He had rehearsed all night before. Not. :)


My little outsider. I love him so much.


Then the party began and we had paella and wine in the shade.


There was a kid’s table. I love that, brings out so many childhood memories.


And there were chickens! The kids loved that!



Pretty ladies with the yummy paella.


And as I said on my insta, you know when you’re having a good time and your kids too when you don’t see or hear them for hours. I had Alva in my lap most of the time and the only time I saw them was when they came to drink or eat candy. They played, built and had an amazing time in that huge garden!


A perfect day!


Superbe traduction en français de google par ici

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