• Alva 2 months •


Our little love ball!

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Alva is now out of the ‘newborn state’ and she is growing so fast! But for the moment I really feel like I’m taking advantage of every second with her and can enjoy it fully. It’s just awesome to have the chance to live this again, another baby, a new humain being to get to know. We have created a human being together!


And oh boy how she has grown! Almost 1 kilo and 6 centimeters in one month, amazing. The centimeters should be taken lightly tho since it’s hard to de-roll a baby :) She also holds her head up for almost a minute! It’s incredible how strong she is!

Weight: (10-06-17) 5140g

Height:  58 cm

Size in baby wear: 3 months

Sleeping habits: The mornings hasn’t changed that much in one month. We still get up either at 7 or 9 depending on the boy’s week or not. When we come back from school drop off, Alva is often asleep since the car and likes to sleep a good 3 hours nap after that. Suits me perfect and I have decided that time to be my ‘fixing the house as much as I can’-time. Then she wakes up to eat, stays awake around 1 hour and goes back for a nap.


 The evenings has become more complicated though. She can sleep through dinner as she can scream/cry through dinner. But most often the second choice. One evening she managed to do it for 4 long hours. 18-22. Thanks. That’s when I changed my opinion on the pacifier…



Once asleep she will sleep like 21-01, eat and sleep 3 more hours and wake up around 6, 6:30 for more food. But sometimes she does a straight 5 hours and then wake up 3 time to eat in 3 hours. No specific habits yet.


Awake habits: Alva is awake more and more and wants to sit up most of the time. She is not ok at all to just lay down any more and clearly shows it by crying loud. If you hold her on your shoulder and try to put her in her basket/bed/lounger whatever, she will cry her loungs out until you pick her up again. She can be awake for an hour or two in the morning now and then sleep all afternoon to wake up around 16-17 to not sleep at all until 21-22! She is definitely in a pattern where she naps longer and stays awake longer. Fortunately for us she doesn’t have any long awake periods during the night. But it happens that she will wake up around 6, does some weird noises, farts, complains a bit, farts again and then when we are wide awake she will go back to sleep… Cheeky little thing :)


This is one of her first smiles, my heart burst with joy and I even started to cry, cheese ball as I am :) I immediately sent this pic to Mathieu and we oh and ah:ed over her serious cuteness. And now she is smiling every day! At first she did it once a day after a series of funny faces from us but now it’s enough to just look at her and smile big and she will answer. It’s just the best thing! She even “talks” a bit if you give her full attention for several minutes. I can really feel how important it is to just be with her, 100% eye contact, for her to develop. No smartphones or other distractions allowed when I feed her or play with her.

She has these kind of “epiphany moments” too. It’s adorable. It’s when she realize things for the first time. Her mobile, my face, dad’s beard, whatever is new to her. This has been going on for weeks and she just stays still, stare at the new object and can do so for a whole 5 minutes if nothing disturbs her. It’s amazing to see and magic to see her develop there, in front of your eyes.

I don’t know how to publish a video here so I made a youtube of Alva’s first conversation with mama! Check out the cuteness here


Nursing: She is eating in between every nap, nothing has really changed. She wakes up about 2 times every night but one night she slept 8 hours and one 6 hours non-stop. It hasn’t happened again though. She eats about 8 times a day and gains more than recommended per day so we are satisfied. Since we got the pacifier she can calm down with that instead of me, gives me some freedom at evenings and nights.

Cute info: She’s got new nicknames: Lala, Love ball, Bobblan. I want to eat her little legs ans she has the most beautiful smile. We love her so, so much ♥

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