Monday morning


Monday mornings are slow going the weeks we don’t have the kids. Mathieu is off to work at 7:45 and he goes up so quietly and gives us a kiss and we go back for sleep an hour. Somehow Alva is always hungry around 7 and then want to sleep some more. So I go up and make myself breakfast and if I’m really quick I can even blog, like today.


On my way down to the kitchen I’m reminded of how there’s always SOMETHING on the stairs that needs to be taken down or up. But this can last for days. Everybody (myself included) looks at the stuff, notice their presents and then… goes by. Lol. Is this only us or what? I get so annoyed yet is too lazy to handle it.


I showed this lovely fabric on my instagram and it’s still laying there to become a playmat for Alva. Might end it before the summer. Lol again.


Alva is always taking Monday mornings with peace. I can lean over her Moses basket for hours, just looking at her. A tiny baby is the most peaceful thing on earth.

Now that said, I need more coffee and put on a dress, it’s going to be 35 degrees today and I want to go to the post office before it’s getting too hot.

Have a lovely day friends!


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