Catching up

As I said in my previous post, I’m trying to catch up all the photos we’ve been taking of Alva. I have still not caught up a single of those bespoken pics. But today I’m posting, and this clearly goes under the “making memories/diary” section, all the instagram photos I’ve posted of her and us during this past month of May.

So, for you that follow me on insta, a recap; and for you who don’t, voilà a selection.


Viggo was home from school the first week back home. Going by car with a scar and a newborn baby just didn’t make the equation. But he was so happy about it, you can see him smirking up there in the photo. We also got beautiful flowers from my bff and I spent the days just looking at Alva and her beautiful face. Just after a week she became less puffy and started to open her eyes more and more.


The first walk after the c-section was so hard for me and you can see on that photo that I’m quite pale. We walked 20 minutes I think and then I gave up. Viggo was pleased to push the stroller. The weather the first week of May was chilly so I dressed Alva in several layers and felt like playing with dolls.


We did our first restaurant visit for Mathieu’s dad aka Papy’s birthday and Alva slept the whole meal through! She is such a nice baby and the first weeks she only cried when she was hungry. For real. This had changed though #tobecontinued

And I will continue this recap later too, Alva is about to wake up from her nap and I’ll try to get something to eat before that. Have a lovely day friends!


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