Mama needs sleep


With a newborn in the house our organization is somewhat upside down. Since I’m breastfeeding Alva, I’m completely “stuck” when she is eating and I can’t do anything else obviously. So school drop off, dinner, night time story, all those kind of things are for me right now a big maybe when it comes to participation. Mathieu handles everything like a king though so I never feel bad about it. And OMG why should I? I just realized what a stupid thing to write. I’m feeding the baby. End of discussion.


But with all these feedings I’m awake at least 2 hours at night with Alva waking up around 2 and 5 to eat. And it takes like 30 minutes for her to eat and 30 more for me to go back to sleep. So I don’t get that much sleep. I’m trying to make at least one nap in the day at the same time as her but it’s tricky. In the same time that I really need the sleep, I also want to take advantage and do some stuff around the house. And in the evening it’s nice to have an hour or two with Mathieu to watch a movie or just hanging out on the couch with a tablet in one hand and a decaf in the other. Grown ups only.


Sooo, this mama is starting to get a bit tired. That’s what this blog post is all about. LOL I yawn so much I’m having trouble writing this and I sure wanted to say something more but I can’t remember… Well, we made a decision today and that is that we need to get to bed at 22 on weekdays. Otherwise we won’t be happy parents. So, since it’s 21:54 I’m saying nighty night and peace out.


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