First days at home


Oh boy dear readers! I’m so sorry for the long absence but I do have an excuse :) Alva and I are slowly getting to know each other and it’s just the most wonderful time. I try to take advantage of every moment since I know how fast it goes by. She will already be 1 month old tomorrow! Please stop the time.




She had a light jaundice when she was born and she was so, so dark! A real Mediterranean girl with her (fake) tan and brown hair. I thought she would be blond, just because Viggo is and because she looked blond on the ultrasound LOL but I forgot the darkness of the man in my life ;) She’s much more lighter now though and her hair is getting thinner and more red (!) so we don’t know what she’ll end up with.

Coming home from the maternity clinic was such a relief at the same time that you feel a bit confused. How do you do? What does she need? Is she alright, is she breathing etc etc etc. It was five years ago since last time and you forget everything! But we just wanted to get back home asap so it was wonderful despite that.


First days at home with Alva was all about eating, sleeping and pooping. As for all babies. We are lucky to have a babe that sleeps 3-4 hours, eat, poop and sleeps again. It’s slowly starting to change the last couple of days since she’s more awake but the first two weeks was just about those 3 things.


She is such a calm baby. She only cries when she’s hungry, sleepy or need to poop. If you provide a solution for that she wont say a thing. Adorable. And she already got her own faces and expressions, I love her so much. When she’s falling asleep she makes the most funny faces, I’m going to try to post a video, it’s hilarious!

I wanted to write so much more but my time is up, Alva is hungry and I’ve already been on this post for 2 days.

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It’s easier to post the instant over there.


French google translation here  

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