Alva at 1 month old


Our little sweet pie turns 1 month on Tuesday. It’s really true what they say, time goes by way too fast. I thought we left the maternity clinic yesterday… This is why I want to document her habits and progress before it’s too late and she starts school. LOL
I thought I would do it here so we can go back and remember later, both words and photos. If you’re not in to baby information you can just scroll and look at the pictures :)

Weight: (18-05-17) 4560g
Height: 54 cm
Size in baby wear: 1 month


Sleeping habits: We start the day either around 7 or 9:30, depends if we have the boys or not, and after nursing and diaper change Alva sleeps 2-3 hours again. The day then goes by with intervals of 30 minutes awake time and 2-3 hours sleep. She tend to do one longer nap in the morning and one in the evening. After the evening feed around 11 we all go to bed to be asleep at midnight. Then she wakes up either at 3h30 and 6h30 or 2, 5 and 7. She sleeps at least 2 1/2 hours in between each feed. After some rocking I turn on her little bear that makes white noises and hope for her to fall asleep. I’ve noticed that she stays awake longer and doesn’t fall to sleep as easy as the first three weeks though, both daytime and nighttime.



Awake habits: OMG the cuteness of her eyes, her lips, her hair! She’s awake more and more each day. Today, on this very day, she smiled for the first time! I know that is not a real smile yet, but still. She is also discovering more and more of our faces, light, lamps and even her mobile. She can focus on my face when I’m holding her and she looks into my eyes. She can be awake for 30-40 minutes now, even more if we hold her.


Nursing: She has regained and passed her birth weight and she eats more and “better”, I can feel it, my breast hurts more often and almost synchronized with her needs. It’s such an amazing thing the human body and nursing my baby is just the best feeling in the world. We were a bit worried the third week as she only gained 14g a day instead of 20 but now she’s up to 50g a day so all is perfect. She puts her hands together when she eats, it’s the cutest thing and she looks at me with a very special look in her eyes. Her suction is heavy and she eats for a couple of minutes before she drops the nipple and try to breath a bit, so funny to see.

Cute info: Lalva, Alva la nouille, Alvinoutte, Kikinette, L’amour de la vie de nous, Liten Bebis, Skorpan, Lilla Vän etc. These are all the nicknames we have been giving her this  first month of her life. We love you so much!


Traduction français par google ICI

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