When Alva came


This is my birth story for Alva. About how these little hands came in to my life.


We went in to the clinic St Roch in Montpellier at 16:30 on Monday the 17th. I had a monitoring for a half hour, the midwives introduced themselves and we talked with the anesthetist about my c-section. We got our room and just spent the evening watching tv, doing silly selfies and tried to not be nervous. Such a strange feeling of knowing exactly when to give birth… So we woke up the next morning on the 18th of April knowing we would have a baby at 9:00.


For Viggo I had an emergency cesarean. After 30 hours of labor I was only open 1cm. So that plus my age made us decide to have another c-section. But oh boy was this different. Since last time things had to be done quickly I got so much more drugs before the actual anesthesia. I was kind of out of it and the c-section just felt like a liberation and I almost laughed myself through the whole thing.

This time I did not laugh. At all. OMG. Since I was aware of things I had a completely different experience. Not painful but stressful. But at first everything was perfect. The anesthesia injection went well with no pain and when Mathieu came in to hold my hand I felt so peaceful. They did the pain test with an ice cube and we were good to go. They started the work and the moment when they hold up Alva over the curtain and I could hear her cry and see her face my world changed forever. I cried so much and I was so happy. They came up with her so I could kiss her, I kissed Mathieu and off they were to check that everything was in order. This was all over in five minutes.

That was when I started to panic. I could feel everything they did, no pain of course but their hands in my belly, the pressure, the movements and I just couldn’t breath. It felt like three 100 kilos men were standing on my chest and I just freaked out. The anesthetist held my hand through the whole thing and I literally crushed it. But he was wonderful, talked me through it as he could. But when I heard the “vacuum” cleaner who sucked up I don’t wanna know what and they put back the uterus and all that shit, I flipped it. When they started to stitch me up I thought I would faint. It felt like they tried to sew my toes together with my forehead. For real. If you have ever seen a documentary of for exemple a lipo-suction you know that they don’t go gentle. I panicked big time when I felt all this butchering on top of the three men standing on me. OMG I say again. It was the worst thing ever. All through this, the anesthetist told me he could drug me more but then I wouldn’t be myself when I would meet Alva. So I tried to be courageous and stay clear. The reward was of course her sweet little face and the look of Mathieu’s but I really felt like going through hell for it.


The sweetest moment.


And the exhausted mama.




The best dad. C-section dad’s just go trough birth a bit differently I think. They do the skin-to-skin part for the first minutes in baby’s life and they have to change, move, help, bath and do all the things for the first days since the mom is just laying down. I think is awesome.


First bath for our little troll.


And on the 4th, the Friday, we were allowed to go home! I tucked Alva into this minty thing and off we went! To start a new life as a mother of two with three children and a loving man… #greatestfeelingintheworld


Je suis vraiment désolée mes amis français mais je ne peux pas traduire tout ça. Mais vous pouvez lire la traduction de google ici pour mieux comprendre mon histoire de le venue d’Alva :)

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