Village carnival


Sunday it was carnival time in our village! Each year at Mardi Gras there’s a big parade and all the participants goes wholeheartedly in for their carriage. I thinks it’s so well made for a small village with only 6000 inhabitants!


They boys loved it of course. They stood like that for an hour.


Taking some photos of the different themes.


One of our favorites was the panda carriage.


Look at all the details!


This is the “can we make a panda one too?” face.


And this is my a-stranger-is-taking-our-photo-smile…


These ladies were so funny with their scuba outfits :)


But the Cinderella gang scooped the entire show!


This is the “we have asked several times for some lemonade and you said yes” face ♥

It lasted all afternoon and the kids played in the street, threw confetti in the air, got dirty, had lemonade, played some more and then we went home. The evening was so peaceful and quiet, everyone doing their own thing. Such a fun family Sunday.


Viggo looked at the pictures he took.


And these two did some homework while I was just loathing on the sofa…


Dimanche notre village organisait le carnaval! Chaque année pour Mardi Gras ils organisent un grand défilé et tout le monde y met vraiment son cœur pour que leur char soit le meilleur. Je trouve que pour un petit village de 6000 habitants c’est vraiment super bien fait!

Ca a duré toute l’aprem-midi et les garcons ont joué dans la rue, jeté confettis dans l’air, se sont salis, bu de la limonade, pris des photos, joué encore plus puis on est rentrés. La soirée était bien calme avec Viggo et moi sur le canapé, lui en train de regarder ses photos et moi la tablette puis les deux autres qui faisaient les devoirs. Un vrai dimanche en famille comme je les aime!

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