Rainy Sunday + pics from the week


It’s a really grey and rainy Sunday here. We woke up to the rain pattering against the window so we stayed in bed for a bit more. Then we got up and had a brunch-ish breakfast and took off to the local market for some Asian food and now we’re back home waiting for it to heat. Since I’m allergic to soya, it’s not an easy thing to eat Asian but I did find some goodies to taste. The rain is still pouring so I think this afternoon will be spend in sweaters and slippers and looking at the man building the crib. It’s been a week since we put the package in our bedroom but no time to assemble it and you almost go blind sometimes of your own mess, or a huge box beside your bed ;)

Something I did find the time to do is taking more pictures! Since my Nikon is out, I used my phone a bit more and it’s a good thing, I took more ordinary-life-pics and just snapshots of life. Nice!


• washing and drying fabric for petit viking • having decaf all day long, real coffee makes my heartbeat raise too much • tired mama • having fun in public toilets • viggo plays + wears bears • and kissing belly


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