Progress on Project Life


It’s really hard the “project life” thing. I have so many photos and so much supplies, stamps and stickers. But I just find myself looking at plenty of blogs out there and compare my work to them. It’s so annoying. Why can’t I just be pleased of what I do and my own style and stop changing according to the latest blog I checked? Like yesterday, I was looking at some progress videos from Kelly Purkey and just sat down afterwards and found my pages so childish and color matching and… so not personal. You scrapbookers out there, do you have the same feeling sometimes? Never being satisfied?


I want to use more photos, more stamps and less cards. But without it getting messy and unaesthetic… And without buying a bunch of new supplies when I already have my desk full of them. #sonotimportant #butabitforme


J’avance sur mon project life, ça fait du bien mais j’ai quand même un peu de mal. Du mal à trouver mon style: j’ai une tendance à regarder pleins de blogs et changer des que je vois ce qui me plait. J’ai regardé des videos de Kelly Purkey hier et maintenant je trouve mes pages trop enfantines, assorties et sans personnalité… C’est nul que je pense ça! Du coup je compare et je suis pas contente. Ca vous arrive aussi, vous les scrapbookeuses qui passent par ici? De jamais être satisfaite?


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