It’s all easy (I hope)


I recently found out that I am allergic to a whole lot of stuff. I’ve always been allergic to pollen, but the past few years I’ve been reacting to all kinds of food and products. So I went to the allergist and got tested for both food and pollen. Oh boy how I reacted! To all sorts of pollen of course (tree and grass), but also to all nuts, to soja, apple, all fruits with a core/seed etc etc etc. So, this is kinda sad news because being allergic to nuts and soja kinda excludes all the cookies and cakes you can buy in a store… and apparently soja is something used in like all the “smooth” things you buy, mayonnaise, margarine and sauces and also in burgers, sausages etc. There are so much sh*t in food nowadays that we don’t know about and I almost see this as a sign for me and my family to start cooking for real and buy no more prepared food.

So, to begin this new era with home cooking and change the habits, I treated myself with some book shopping. This might be an excuse to shop prettiness too since I’m a visual nerd and loves everything that is nicely designed, but that’s just how it is Lol



These are the three books I chosed for the first round:

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