Two Little Love-Munchkins

Well if this is not cuteness overload I don’t know what is! My two little munchkins! We did a quick drawing session yesterday and these are the things that happens spontaneous between two little boys that do fight a lot but also loves a lot! Makes it all worth it #stepbrothers


I asked them to draw the same fruits as on the little kitchen poster and the result was as usual very varied LOL I thought we could cut them out when done and then stick it to a blank A4 but the interest ran out before that, it’s hard to finalise stuff with 4 + 5 years olds. I’ll just keep the idea for a rainy day! Gotta note them down tho, all these “rainy days ideas” because they are starting to pile up!


We have installed a little table in the corner of our new play/relax room and they are quite comfy in there.I’ll show you more of this area as soon we are finished with the paint job.

xoxo // Åsa

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