Giant Coloring Roll

We have one thing in this family that we do almost every, single day and that is to color. Me, kids and man. We draw, we color, we paint. I even steal the kids coloring books sometimes when they’re at something else and get myself my little péché mignon moment of the day. So when we went skiing two weeks ago (yes we squeezed that in too) and I saw this GIANT coloring roll from OMY in a store, I just had to buy it!


It mesures a holy 180×100 cm and is just filled with pure joy for the coloring nerd family of ours. They didn’t have that many too chose from in the store so I picked Brooklyn but you can find a lot of different cities or other motifs on their homepage! Coolness on a roll!



This is how it’s shown in the OMY website, but my idea is to cover the kids room’s door with it, so they can check it out every day once it’s done!


It’s a really affordable activity/pleasure since it’s like 20 euros for the big one that I chose. I added some OMY pens to the basket but that was just the paper&pen loving person in me who couldn’t say no…

xoxo // Åsa

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