Ski holidays!

Finally! We’ve been waiting for this since months, our ski holidays in the Alps! Yaj! Even though this year’s vacations didn’t turned out exactly like we planned with bf’s post-operation state, we are still super excited and prepped for this week! Bf’s parents’ house is in Bourg St Maurice and the ski resort Les Arcs. The perfect station for crazy snowboarding and fun kid stuff, it’s a huge resort with view over Mont Blanc,  couldn’t be better! #solucky


First out is Viggo on his first ski lesson. Well, the word ski might be overstated here, because on 2,5 hours he had one (1) try to “hit the slopes”, they were like 40 in his group. Oh happy school vacations *not*. So he tried the bum slider while waiting that he really appreciated, my little viking of mine! I hope the group will be narrowed down tomorrow though so he can feel the skis some more.

Here they are on the way, concentrated and eager to begin. Baby G is going for Ourson (little bear) this year and explained to us all how to plow to stop and turn. So cute!



Looks like they’ve been doing this since forever!


Nice view while waiting for the kids to finish ski school…


Now it’s our turn to go to bed, the kids are sleeping since 8, they literally fell into bed. I will dream of snow and wet gloves all night I think… ♥

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