Feeling creative

The Man with a M is home from the hospital since a week even though he is still being fed via a gastric probe until his operation in 10 days. We have all the machines at home so he can stay with me and the kids until he returns to the hospital. And boy is it good! The fact that they put a name on his illness (it’s been a year of worries) and that we have an operation date and we KNOW that he will be alright after all this makes us both so very, very happy. Soul and spirit is back on track and we can slowly see the future bright again. And this makes me so freaking creative. I feel like I don’t even know where to look or be. With the project going on, we moving to a new place in a month and me feeling just so happy about everything right now makes me wanna instagram, pinterest, blog and project life – all at once! So I try to, with varied results tho Lol but I’m doing it! Oh, happiness when you hold me!

So, for my project life part, I tried a new format today – the 3×3. And I’m in love. Seriously. How can a size of a photo in a “silly” album make me feel so good? Man, I love it. I’ll show you the result, I made 2 pages, tomorrow because now it’s 21h here in France and we have a rainstorm coming in!


Have a nice evening!

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