Planning the future


Yesterday my friend Masha and I spent the afternoon brainstorming like crazy! If you remember, the first of January I told you about our (still) secret project “Lemon Mamas” and I am just so excited! This is going to be so fun! And we are almost too excited to work, we’re laughing more than working but that’s what so good about it!

We went to a cosy coffee shop where we sat for hours and tried to get some serious pics of us, which as you can see below, was not that successful Lol We’ll just have to try again.



You can see a glimpse of our project on the screen on my phone and if you visit you can sign up to find out when we open!


She makes me laugh so hard this Slovenian-open hearted-make funny faces-girl! Big time! It’s like hard to spend time with her without have a LOL breakdown of something really silly or so real life joke…



We started this adventure quite some time ago and I can’t wait to reveal it in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned! ♥♥♥

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